About Us

Web PicturesThe Self Esteem Elevated concept was birthed from the Founder Cheryl Roseborough in August of 2005. After having walked through a season of low self-esteem, low self image and low self worth she knew she needed a healing to live out the purpose that was designed for her life.

It was during the beginning of her healing she found herself sharing her journey with a multitude of people. Her open honesty has caused a generation of men and women to be healed from their past.

This non-profit organization is committed to providing the fundamentals for empowering individuals in the area of self esteem. The sole purpose of SEE is to encourage the world to develop a healthy image of themselves physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally from a faith based perspective. We understand that foundationally that in order to obtain a healthy perspective it must first be found in a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ. All other relationships are built when that foundational principal is secure to build outward! The true mission is to inspire ALL to look deep within themselves and find their TRUE purpose in life.

Core Values:

1. To provide a firm program designed to conquer issues of low self esteem.

2. To train individuals to step out of their comfort zones and live life to the fullest.

3. To enlighten individuals on how to reach their full potential.

4. To give insight on healing and wholeness.

5. For everyone to complete the program feeling appreciated, motivated and inspired.

6. To show individuals how to feel good from the inside out.

7. For each person to leave with a blueprint for elevation of self esteem.

Join me this year for the very first MEN S.E.E Conference. The theme for this year is: I S.E.E. You! There will be powerful speakers addressing the issue of self esteem from a male perspective and how to walk victoriously from the inside out.

About The Founder

Cheryl is also the Strategic Business Partner for Blyss Agency. A creative agency that focuses on assisting luxury brand marketers reach untapped demographics. She is the Dallas Chapter President for Direct Marketing Association. She has been selected by the Biographical Society as one The Great Woman of the 21st Century and 2007 Great Woman of the Year. She has recently been selected by CRAVE DALLAS as one of 150 Women Entrepreneurs to Know in Dallas. She has received numerous awards for her community efforts. She can be heard weekly on Heaven 970 AM LIVE at 4:30 for He Say She Say But What Does God Say radio program on Life, Love and Relationships.

Check out our entire website. Check back periodically for current and up to date information on the conferences and self esteem moments.

For booking information, contact booking@selfesteemelevated.com